Pattaya Fishing Park

Pattaya Fishing Park

Pattaya Fishing Park is the best park in Pattaya for Mekong catfish. The owner claims there are more than 3,000 fish in the pond. It’s accessible from Sukhumvit road along soi 62 or from soi Wat Boon, it’s signposted from Wat Boon soi 2. The fastest fishing is towards the far bank where the smaller fish tend to lie, 50m+ casts are needed to reach them. The larger fish are usually caught closer to the middle of the pond but casting your bait there you will not catch as many fish. The largest Mekong I have seen come out of Pattaya Fishing Park was around 50kg, the owner claims it contains Mekongs up to 85kg.

Update 12th December 2014. The price for foreigners has gone up from ฿800 to ฿1,200. They also have a new sign prohibiting customers bringing their own food and beverages into the park. Judging by the number coming out, they appear to have stocked a lot of striped catfish into the pond.

Update 20th December 2015. The price for foreigners has risen to ฿1,500. This along with the stocking of striped catfish (which means the Mekongs don’t come out as often) makes it poor value for foreigners to fish.

Update 16th July 2017. The price for foreigners has now increased to ฿2,000 and the price of bait to ฿50/kg. I’m not sure if the price for Thais has changed.

If you take your own tackle you will need some heavy gear, most people are using 30-50lb line and rods rated to 12kg+ max drag, 40lb+ line or PE 3+.

Location: 12.89203 N, 100.89517 E (see below for map)

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Cost: Foreigners ฿2,500 includes rod, Thais ฿300. Bait ฿50/kg, budget on about 1kg per hour of fishing. No discount if you bring your own rod and tackle.

Size: approx 63m x  85m

Guides: yes

Species: Mekong giant catfish 10kg – 85kg, striped catfish, Nile tilapia.

Food and drinks: available, may only be purchased from the park. Alcohol is dual priced, large Leo beer foreigners ฿100, Thais ฿70.

Opening hours: 10am – 10pm

Telephone: 081 652 7829

Pattaya Fishing Park latest catch reports

Mekong Giant Catfish
39.4kg Mekong giant catfish
47kg Mekong giant catfish
47kg Mekong giant catfish

Pattaya Fishing Park Mekong Giant Catfish In Net
Albino Catfish -

Location Map

36 thoughts on “Pattaya Fishing Park

  1. Some very big fish in this pond can not wait to get back my best there is about 30kg so far looking forward to the bigger ones….

    1. I want go fishing but i don’t like fishing place for when pay because i’m a farrang a lot,it’s discrimination about a farrang
      Thai people can fishing for small money
      And farrang pay’s a lot
      I look for another fishing place

      1. I’ve fished this park albeit some time back. I agree that now the dual pricing system has got way out of hand. So now I fish else where

  2. Believe me in November me and 2 friends fished the park on 3 separate occasions and the guide and the catch was superb . my biggest going in at approx 35 kilo . so whatever they charge now is worth every baht . PS back in may and will be using again

  3. I am going next week,anyone know what the hire kit is like?Whats the quality of the rods and reels?Tight lines………..

    1. Hi Andy, the park’s own tackle is fine. Viva SpinMaster 9′ rods and Pioneer Altitude reels spooled with 40lb mono.

  4. Seems like charging more to foreigners is a little unfair. Next time I see a foreigner in my store maybe he should pay triple for his coke.

  5. had a great day with jack my mate we smashed out around 13 fish in 3-4 hours lots of hard work but had a ball people very nice and cheeky tapping the end of my rod. yes fishing in a pond is not super challenging but still great fishing will definitely be coming back.

  6. Sounds like this is the place to go.
    For all of you complaining about different pricing, that is just how they do it in Thailand. You will see that at 95% of the tourist attractions. No problem for us living here with a work permit, we get the thai price 😉

    1. Have you actually paid the Thai price for fishing there? The owner has always been insistent that all foreigners should pay a much higher rate.

    2. you wont get thai price for a farang here even with a thai drivers license also guides constantly on the cadge for beer

  7. I have spent a lot of very good fishing days at the pattaya fishing park (both the old and new). Got some big ones (60 kg +) in the old park
    It is with tears in my eyas telling i will not go back due to the “double pricing”. Just been there and talked to the owner and the Guides who i known for at least 10 years. No mercy – 1200 bath.
    Save your money and go instead to sakurna fishing park the next time you are in bkk – nice sorrounding – very big pla buk – good food – no double pricing


    PS! No i will go and cry a bit and after that i will walk to jomtien fp and catch some pla sawais.

  8. Few of us were going to give this place go, but after reading the other comments, we will give it a miss, the reason being is the price mark up, it’s blatant daylight robbery!
    We as Ferangs can only voice our opinions, but things will never change as long as we continue to pay these hiked up prices.
    Maybe the UK & other EU country’s should adopt this policy, Zoos, museums, parks, etc, etc.

    EG: British Nationals £5.
    All other Nationalities £30.

    Could you imagine the outcry?

  9. Thinking of trying this pond.. Any advice on the any hidden cost or is it worth trying as i have pnly one day to fish in Pattaya.

    Any recommendation of other ponds?

  10. I had 3 days fishing in December 2015 it was very good, 35 kgs the best, Em the guide promised me a 40kg fish next time.


  11. For all those you concern about different price, At Pattaya fishing park, We serve you a premium service and including such as Rod&Reel , Pro Guiding , Casting bait to target, Pulling fishnet up, Staff can speak English, Caution all the time when the fish silent. Which none to Thai customer at all, Even some time they fish less than Farang and need to do themselves. Thus, different price is a different service. We are Happy and Welcome you to come to visit us and Ready to service you. 😀

    1. Hello Pattaya Fishing Park
      I do not require your premium service so can you tell me if I bring my own equipment and cast, catch and land the fish myself can I pay the Thai price for the days fishing? looking forward to your reply


    2. Hello Pattaya Fishing Park
      I do not require your premium service so can you tell me if I bring my own equipment and cast, catch and land the fish myself can I pay the Thai price for the days fishing? looking forward to your reply PS Please reply ASAP has I could bring you alot of custom

      Thanks Craig.

    3. I want to fish…. I don’t want somebody else to bait cast and land fish for me. I don’t want your premium service. I just want to pay and fish. If you can give me Thai deal, no help for Thai price then I will come this week and next (and each time I come to Pattaya, which is often). Please reply soon, I go home in 3 weeks.

  12. As Said One year ago I should never go back, ok I am sorry, I did. Pleased Read the other comments, this is not the Place to go. I have my own Gear, the guides do not and did not give Me and service. Ok for Me but the shamless Price is still 1500 Bath!
    Please Pattaya fishing park, this year it was Very Little farang at the park so you should think about your pricing.
    I will come back but never again pay 1500 Bath, own Rod and reel, doing the casting myself and so on.
    Please also notice that I have been been fishing in many fishing parks in Thailand, and there is allways a dual pricing but not 1200 Bath!

  13. Sorry
    One more comment to Pattaya fishing park: Your service is not better nowdays. It was Much Much better before.

  14. I have fished both this park and the former park on Sukhumvit over a period more than ten years. I used to go to the old park near daily during my times here. I consider that it is a great shame that the current ownership only seems interested in catering to two week millionaire tourists. For someone who has never fished or experienced this type of powerful fish and is on a tourist budget perhaps it is worth a single visit just for the experience. However for the ex-pats and long term visitors it is no longer viable due to the extortionate pricing and no allowance for those who will fish using their own equipment and skills as the local Thais do. These people could provide year round trade ensuring a steady income for the park. Perhaps someone should offer a lesson in economics to the park ownership. Higher prices does not always mean that you make more money. Lets say at the old park I used to go five timers a week. With drinks and food I would spend around 1000 baht a day. That would be 5000 baht turnover for the park. The year the park moved I could accept that the price increased to 800 baht due to higher land rent. As a long term tourist who has his own equipment I am on a limited budget so cut my visits back to a couple of times a week. So that year they took around 3000 baht a week from me. When it went up again to 1200 even then I stayed loyal to the park and cut my visits to once a week. They made 2000 a week that year. Now they have increased again to 1500 like my many ex-pat friends have voted with my wallet and no longer go. One does not have to be a mathematical genius to see the trend here and that from 5000 or more in a week they now make nothing from a formerly loyal customer who has known guides and staff for years. So in summary my review is if you are a two week millionaire who has never experienced the thrill of fighting these incredibly powerful fish it is worth a one off visit but for the experienced angler no longer worth going.

    1. Thank’s Kevin
      A tip to all the readers: Please visit Sakuna fishing park in Bkk. They will not try to take the Money from you and the fishes are Much bigger then in Pattaya fishing park.(Pla Buk: 60 kg up)
      The last time I paid 200 or 300 Bath for One Rod.
      Ps! As Kevin said, the owner has no idea how to take Care of his customers. The only way to let him now how to do so, is not to go to the park.

  15. I have had great days at this lake. Had to pull my rod out and have a rest because the fishing was so fast and the fish pulled so hard. Alot of people talk about the price but for me it worth it. I will keep going and keep on having a great time. If you are looking to pull out big lumps all day long then this is well worth going to.

  16. I have just visit this place and i have to pay 2000 baht. Then i get 1 rod and 2 kg bread. I catch some Nice fish but i Think it was a little bit to High the Price

  17. Has been there a couple of times now, and will be back again. dont really care about the dual pricing the higher price also includes a guide at the lake. I have always had a perfect days of fishing there, very friendly owner, and guides at the lake . The guide i have been using while there, also loved fishing, and really put me on the fish, both the smaller ones, and the big ones . Good quality Thai food at the lake.
    The fishing really gets fun about sunset. Normally, every one else has gone home by then, because the fish are so strong, many only fish for a couple of hours, then they go home again. so if you want to catch Big Catfish i Pattaya Aarea this is the place to go .

  18. I have had some great days here but today I was charged 2000b per person (I took my dad and son) and the cheeky thai who has forgotten me from passed trips told me that I could have 2kgs of bait for free when I challenged him over the price. Thats one 2kg bucket between the 3 of us. I like it there but I won’t be going anymore. Oh and large building site is directly behind the park so it’s really noisy to. Don’t go……….

  19. We visited with my family. I went fishing. The cost was 2000b. I got a guide and rods. The guide was very helpful. Staff was very friendly. Good food and drinks available too. I got 9 fish in total. We were there for 4 hours. First fish within 20-30 min. 7 were 20kilo and the biggest was 40kilo!!! Also caught a snapper which you can cook and eat if you want to. I recommend this place and the money is really worth the trip and experience. I will go again.

  20. Total rip off. 2000 for foreigners. 500 if your Thai. Only have mekongs. There mouths are in a terrible state and they don’t use nets they just drag the poor fish on to concrete and then throw back in. Won’t be coming here again. Worst of all though they have a Hawk who is locked up in tiny cage and they never let him out he spends all day crying he can’t even spread his wings the cage is so small.

  21. I just do not fish anymore due to the Thai attitude towards prices for farang’s. It is not fair, but this is Thailand. Vote with your feet & boycott these places. Also tell as many people as you can when you return home . … ToT of Thailand should get this sorted asap, before it’s known worldwide.

  22. A wonderful day catching Mekong catfish! I caught four big 20kg+ specimens. Thank you to the wonderful staff for all their assistance. The entry fee was worth it- MUCH better than Jomtien Fishing Park. The Thai locals paid less BUT they got virtually no help from the staff compared to us farang foreigners. You get what you pay for in my opinion. 5 stars!

    Here is a YouTube link showing my afternoon at Pattaya Fishing Park:

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