Wasana Fishing Park 31st August 2022

Amazon red tail catfish

Having been out of Thailand for nearly four years, I was excited to fish Wasana Fishing Park at it’s new location. The setting is idyllic, the fishing park is a flooded quarry with high tree lined walls of rock most of the way around. The location is great, very quiet but only a few kilometres from central Pattaya.

I started the day with an Amazon red tail catfish of around 10kg, it put up a good fight. This was quickly followed by another of around 15kg. There then followed two Siamese carp. The fishing then slowed for me around lunchtime. Mid afternoon it started raining and the fishing picked up, I landed another Siamese and three more Amazon red tails in less than an hour. One of the red tails put up a huge fight, it pulled so hard I thought I had a 20kg fish on the line, it turned out to be only about 10kg. I ended the day with three more Siamese carp, the biggest was well known to the owner and had previously been weighed at 52lb.

Siamese carp previously weighed at 52lb

The water quality appeared excellent, speaking to the owner, he tests the water every day and works hard to keep all the levels correct. All the fish appeared healthy and up for a good fight. Tally for the day was 1 rohu, 1 tilapia, 5 Amazon red tail catfish and 6 Siamese carp.

Fishing in the rain

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