Jomtien Fishing Park

Jomtien Fishing Park sign

This park is no longer accessible from Jomtien Beach Road soi 14. It’s now on Jomtien 2nd Road between Soi Wat Boon and Soi Chaiyapruek 1, look for the sign pictured below. The park is stocked mainly with striped catfish between 7 and 10kg, with a few larger ones up to about 20kg, there are also a few Mekong catfish. The guides always use bait flavourings so probably best to buy some at the park or bring your favourites with you. Most of the fish congregate towards the far bank so casts of 30-50m are the order of the day. They claim to have Mekong giant catfish up to 40kg. Well worth a visit, but of all the photographs they have stuck on the wall there is no fish remotely approaching 40kg.

Location: 12.88250 N, 100.88768 E (see below for map)

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Cost: Foreigners ฿300, Thais ฿150, rod hire ฿100, 500g bag of breadcrumbs ฿20, small bag of bread ฿20, bait flavourings ฿40

Size: approx 40-60m x  95m

Guides: yes

Species: striped catfish, Mekong giant catfish, Chao Phraya catfish.

Outside baits: not permitted

Food and drinks: available, may only be purchased from the park

Jomtien Fishing Park latest catch reports

Mekong giant catfish estimated at 25kg
Mekong giant catfish estimated at 25kg

Jomtien Fishing Park sign Jomtien Fishing Park

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24 thoughts on “Jomtien Fishing Park

  1. 3 of us fished it twice in December 2014. First time excellent some great fill well worth it. 2nd time they were ramming that many people in it was a joke. Loads of locals and some had no idea even though they had their own tackle with braid which cut through normal line. Most of time spent getting untangled. Tip. when you get there pick your spot and don’t let the guides move you sly to another spot as more people arrive. Also be careful with bills as they tried sticking a bill for 600 baht in our pot. Great place if not too many there, avoid otherwise.

  2. Fished it last week,loads of russians who followed hooked fish rather than stood and played them,they dropped the fish while posing for photos,one even tried kicking a fish back into the water,I wonder how many pla buk float belly-up into the margins at night?

  3. Forgot to add its now 540 Baht to fish entry price includes rod hire,bait and two small bottles of some bait-additive,tip the guides as they work hard to get you a fish…………….Tight lines.

  4. I thought for 560 baht, rod and bait plus helpful guides great value, stayed there an hour caught 4 cat fish averaging 8 kilo each , well worth going to

  5. Just got back from an afternoon of fishing with my girlfriend and five of her female family members. We caught 26 in just over 2 hours smallest was about 3 kilos largest between 23-25 kilos. The guide was great and I highly recommend an outing.

  6. Another good day at jomtien fp. OK the fishes are not as big as in pattaya fp but the park is well worth a visit. I have been here at least 50 times during my Years in Thailand. The Guides (and the owner) are very helpful and polite. Please try their food. It is very tasty.

  7. So fun! First time for my daughters and I to try fishing. We reeled in a huge fish (10-12 kg) from the first cast and every cast thereafter. Food was good, nice enjoyable setting, guide was jovial and very experienced. We want to go again! Only a local father/son and Australian tourist couple were there who told me this place was better than Amazon fishing park.

  8. Yesterday (monday) was a hot day at the park. The biggest catch was appr. 20 kg (sawai). A numerious 5 – 13 kg. were also taken up. Tomorrow I will try again and hopefully get one of the pla buks in the pond (There are some 20 – 40 kg in the pond and I can assure you it is hard work when you have one of them on your hook)
    PS! If you want to try the park I recommend you to go there a mon – fri. Normally the locals are at the park at the weekends and it can be more or less fully occupied.

  9. Yesterday i wanted to try a park i have never visited before, baetong. Took a taxi and ended up in a waist water plant or what lever it was. ( do not go there if you into fishing). Back to jomtien too try to get the big pla buk i am hoping for, no luck, only about 10 sawais between 8 – 12 kg. Next week i will try some pla shadoo fishing (snake head) in the kao laem dam. The records so fare is 6 kg and i hope to have a better catch this year.

  10. Hi,

    Thinking of visiting this pond in Dec on a weekday. Any good advice for this pond like the bite rate, prices and any hidden costs. Thanks.


  11. fished the park a few times over Christmas with meekongs to 15kg. but even when we went mid week it was packed to capacity. lots of crossed lines, tangles and angry words. we had a group of young English lads 4 pegs to our left swearing at people when they were playing a fish and the lines got crossed. I was sorting a tangle out for them and tried to explain to them that when a fish makes a run there is nothing the angler can do to stop it. they were all novices so hadn’t a clue lol. the staff were helpful as always but were run off their feet with it being so busy. hopefully when we go back it will be a bit less busy as its one of our favourite spots

  12. Wicked place to fish had about 20 fish in 8 hours biggest being around about 30 kg Mekong catfish guide helpful however it was very busy and they were putting people 1 metre away from each other and playing a 30 kg Mekong catfish isn’t very nice when you get everyone line Also all the foriners was on the of side and the Thai was on the right the Thais were nicely spaced out but we were so Clair and crossing lines . The bait they give you will last about 1 and a half me and my dad when and brought another 10 bags of bread and 10 bottle of glug other than that the fishing was wicked

    1. Let me assure everyone that I have fished Jomtien with never a problem except for, Russians and Japanese. I have fished there every year since 2001. I agree you should buy the guides a beer and your day will be brilliant. Good food on site. Anyhow I fished with the guides over 10 days in June 2018, my last couple of days I caught two Mekong and the weights were over 45kg. I lost the first one and the next day I landed a monster easy 50 kg. But please be gentle with these fish. For the money I spent it is the best fishing available.
      If you want the best sea fishing book a trip from Phuket, I had personally 15 Tuna up to 6kg and that finished me off.
      Be wise but please be safe out there.
      Jomtien Fishing Park is the best value for money.
      John Wilson has his own place but is too expensive in Hua Hin.
      If you get to Hua Hin please try the local fishing park run by Brits and they have Araphima, red tail catfish and he beautiful Siamese up to 50kg worth having a go.
      Tight lines but take Thailand with a smile😎

      1. Excellent comments. Been fishing Jomtien since 2001, always a great day. Agree also with sea fishing in Phuket. Local boat and 16 tuna which we shared with boat and hotel. Jomtien best value and assistants always in good humor and deserve a beer. Caught my 50kg Mekong which is my best. Tight lines

      2. Hi again, also fished hua hin, Wilson’s Park is far too expensive but local fishing park has great variety of local and South American fish. Worth a visit and great prices.

  13. Fished there again today slow day,managed 2 fish,missed a couple more which was my fault,still 540 baht not crowded this morning.

  14. Had a great morning fishing ,for 540 bhat was a excellent day the guide was extremely helpful.I had 11 fish in total lost a biggie at the end .weights not big around 6 to 8 kilos but fought really hard.will be going back soon.

  15. JUMPED UP TWAT,, live in Jomtien fishing for 60 years, thought i would give this place the once over, firstly there are a lot of fierce dogs in the road, i said i would like to look around, NO YOU CANT THE P*** SAID , SIT IN THAT CHAIR AND WATCH , i just wanted to get the feel of the place, well that was it for me, i said you can stick your lake up your ass, i wont be fishing there ever and 500 for farang and 150 for thai its treble pricing, stick with FREDDIES FISHING PARK only 300 baht,, and cant meet a nicer man than JOHN

    1. I was there also, and showed him my thai driverslicence for discount, but he told me, 55 this is no thai ID, so I showed him my pink Thai Id, and still he told me, no Thai Id. so I went of and never go back to this mafia guy.

  16. Spent the day at JFP and as usual I got full support from the “little guy”. I have been visiting the park since 15 years back and yeas it is a double pricing but the fee is very low at JFP so for me it does not matter.
    If you go to Jfp you can expect to catch a lot of fishes between 10 – 25 kg (pla sawai), it was a long time since I caught a pla buk there.
    I know that they have some big ones at Pattaya Fp but I have boycotted the place since many years, read my comments regarding this under P fp.

    Has admin or some one of the readers been to “Bung pla buk” in Autthaya ? Heard they have some big buks (100 kg ++) there and the fee should be someting like 150 bath. (Sakuna is sadly closed and Bung sam ran is far to expensive)


  17. I were wrong yeasterday, today there was a buk comming up, appr. 30 kg. So they are still there. (Sorry to say that it was not mine)
    I can strongly recommend the park, young and old, every body can fish. Use the guides or try it out yourself.

  18. As mentioned, the buks is still at the JFP, yeasterday was a good day, 15 sawais and a buk appr. 35 kg. (and this time is was mine)
    Yes, I know I can go to PFP and easily catch a buk big as the one I mentioned but I will never go there again and pay the “cat man” 2500 bath. (I have been at his old fishing park at least 10 times and the new 15 times, still need to pay 2500 B. ). If he does not want to have regular customers it is up to him.
    Try Jomtien fishing park before you consider PFP.

  19. If all you want to do is catch some fish for 540bt its a bargin. But if you care about fish safety like i do this is not the place for you. They dont seem to care at all about the fish. The tackle is proper cheap rubbish and they tryed to change me for a feeder when the rubbish line snapped. Reels probably cost about £5 and rods are not much better. I wont be going back there

  20. We went today with our two children, they loved it as every cast we caught on. Wasn’t too busy at all like other comments, maybe because it was New Year’s Day. Only thing I thought it was expensive for 700Bt for the fire of one rod. The guides were great, they were tiped.

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