Bung Pra Buk

Bung Pra Buk Fishing Park

Bung Pra Buk is a medium sized pond approximately three hours drive or 230km from Pattaya. It’s located about 20km West of the historic provincial capital of Ayutthaya. There are several ponds at this location, I’m not sure what’s in them all but they have lots of photographs of Amazon red tail catfish and tiger catfish. The main pond we were told contains some large Mekongs, during our visit we saw them come out up to about 40kg. Fisherman here are about equally divided between using rice husks and using breadcrumbs, both techniques seem to work. Being reasonably priced and and fairly close to Bangkok, Bung Pra Buk can get busy at weekends.

Location: 14.30489 N, 100.38944 E (see below for map)

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Cost: fishing ฿100, bag of breadcrumbs ฿20, small pack sliced bread ฿10, rum khao (ground rice husks) medium bucket (approx 5kg) ฿100, small bucket (approx 2.5kg) ฿50

Guides: no

Species: striped catfish, Mekong giant catfish, rohu, Siamese carp

Size: an irregular shaped pond approximately 160m x 160m at it’s largest dimensions

Food and drinks: Full menu available, also good range of crisps, noodles and snacks available near the entrance. Large Leo beer ฿70.

Other facilities: the park has a limited selection of line and terminal tackle for sale

Opening hours: open 8am – 10pm

Telephone: 089 0200 300

Facebook: BungPlaBuk.FishingPark


Location Map

2 thoughts on “Bung Pra Buk

  1. Hi, can I ask if there is rods for hire at Bungprabuk Fishing Park? Or must I bring my own rod? Thanks!

    1. When I visited I don’t remember any rods for hire. Best to get a Thai speaker to call them and ask.

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