Fishing reel line capacity estimator

These calculators estimate how much line you will get on a reel. You need the reel capacity from the manufacturer’s literature, you then enter the diameter of the line you wish to use. The calculator will give an estimate of how much line you will get on the reel.

For top shot + backing calculations use our Advanced fishing reel line capacity estimator.

Example, the published capacity of the reel is 240 m of 0.40 mm line. You want to use 0.55 mm line on that reel and need to know how much line the reel will likely hold. Enter the figures into the estimator, you will see the result, 127 m.

Below are the line diameters for Berkley Big Game, a good quality mono-filament line on widespread sale in Thai fishing tackle shops. Berkley Big Game is quite a thick (large diameter) line for it’s breaking strain, most lines of similar breaking strain are thinner.

Berkley Big Game line diameter
lb in mm
8 0.011 0.27
10 0.012 0.30
12 0.014 0.35
15 0.015 0.38
20 0.018 0.45
25 0.019 0.48
30 0.022 0.55
40 0.024 0.60
50 0.028 0.71
60 0.030 0.76
80 0.035 0.88
100 0.039 0.99
130 0.044 1.11

The capacity estimator below works in yards and inches.


Please note the calculated line capacity is approximate, line stretch, how tight the line is wound on the spool and other factors will affect line capacity.

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