Mamak Fishing Park

Mamak Fishing Park Pattaya

Mamak Fishing Park is clearly signposted from Nern Plab Wan soi 20. Be careful here, a friend had his bill padded and was charged ฿900 for fishing (with his own rod) and 4 beers. I’ve not fished this park due to the above reason but with the new board walk and new cabanas looks like a pleasant place to spend an afternoon.

Location: 12.92527 N, 100.92405 E (see below for map)

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Cost: ฿100, bait set ฿150, rod hire ฿50, tilapia to take home ฿85/kilo

Guides: help on hand

Species: striped catfish, Mekong giant catfish up to 30kg, snakehead, carp, tilapia and others

Outside baits: not permitted

Food and drinks: available, no food or drinks may be brought in from outside

Opening hours: 10am – 11pm

Telephone: 085 095 9942, 083 081 7437, 089 887 5531

Mamak Fishing Park Pattaya

Location Map

6 thoughts on “Mamak Fishing Park

  1. Went there last april caught a couple of small fish then managed to fall through the rickety wooden platform.

    1. Yes I was ripped off there two, charge for two rods when I had brought my own, ripped of again for the drinks and the bait one bag of bread crumbs 150 baht. Yes I am another one who will not be going again.

  2. Went yesterday morning (Friday 3rd April) 09:30.
    Asked the guy how much for a days fishing using own tackle? 100 baht was the reply.
    Perfect!, unloaded the car, started to assemble the rod, the guy shouted “mr fishing one people 300 baht”!
    Decided to pack up & go elsewhere!
    F**k knows what the guy was thinking about, or what extra charges he would have added to the final check bin.


  3. Me and My two sons had a great and plaesant time. Special when Rich the owner helpt us. We learned a lot from him. We had no experience and yet still we catch a view big fish. Maby the place is a litllebit outdated and need some maintenance but the price is allright.

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