This is the stuff you need, breadcrumbs with various different flavourings added, try them all to see which work best for you. All the tackle shops sell this stuff. You will also need some bread to put on the hook. Some of the parks supply their own bait and do not allow you to bring it in from outside, check our fishing parks section for which parks this applies to.

Catfish baits

1.  Thread and squeeze some bread onto the hook leaving just the point showing.
2.  Hold the feeder over the bucket of bait, grab a handful and squeeze into the feeder.
3.  Add more and keep squeezing until the bait ball looks something like this.

Pattaya Fishing

The feeder loaded up with bait and some bread  on the hook. Below, a Pattaya Fishing Park sized bait ball.

Catfish food

You can also buy flavourings / enhancers. It’s a good idea to keep one or two bottles handy for when the fish aren’t finding your bait particularly appetising. Just pour some into your bucket of breadcrumbs and mix thoroughly.

Catfish Bait Flavourings

There are some special bait mixes made for catching tilapia, we have had mixed results with them, also try using shrimp, worms or maggots. Live shrimp can often be caught using a fine mesh net and running it under the weeds along the edge of the fishing lakes.

Tilapia bait. The powdered stuff is made from rice husks.

Tilapia bait

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