Welcome to Pattaya Fishing

There is some great fishing in Thailand whether you are a beginner or expert, holidaymaker or ex-pat. We will tell you all you need to know to get started yet still have lots of useful information for more experienced anglers.

We have details and locations of many of the fishing parks around Pattaya, where to buy your tackle, what bait to use and advice on tackle set-ups.

A complete beginner can have a great day out and usually catch several decent size fish without breaking the bank. All the fishing parks have rods for rent and many have guides to help you with baiting up, casting, landing and unhooking the fish. We have advice on what tackle to bring with you and the best shops to buy it in and around Pattaya.

All the parks have kitchens on-site and can cook up anything tasty that you catch. Nile tilapia and walking catfish can both be very good to eat.

The lakes around Pattaya have many native and introduced species including arapaima, pacu, carp, alligator gar and several different species of catfish. One of the lakes is stocked with Mekong giant catfish up to 85kg. If you have never caught a Mekong giant catfish before you may be surprised at their strength. The arapaima and pacu are native to the Amazon but thrive in the warm waters of Thailand.

Arapaima gigas
An arapaima caught at Pattaya Arapaima Park
Mekong giant catfish
41kg Mekong giant catfish caught at Bungsamran
Albino Catfish - PattayaFishing.net
An albino striped catfish landed at Pattaya Fishing Park