Freddie’s Fishing Park

Freddies Fishing Park

Freddie’s Fishing Park claims more than 45 fish species, including Amazon red tail catfish, alligator gar and giant snakehead. Tilapia to take home ฿75/kg. Snakehead and small catfish up to 1.5kg ฿100/kg. Specimen fish, fish with young or fish less than 400g cannot be taken. Facilities and rental tackle have recently been upgraded. Raft fishing available. Freddie’s allows fly fishing and spin fishing. They have a selection of rods and reels for hire, spinning, bait runners, fly rods, poles, bamboo.

Location: 12.85302, 100.94246 (see below for map)

Cost: ฿1,000, rod hire ฿150. Keep nets, landing nets, landing mats, towel and pliers are included with rod hire. Sundays and Mondays book the whole park for ฿8,000.

Guides: ฿100/hour

Species: striped catfish, Nile tilapia, rohu, snakehead, silver barb, walking catfish, Amazon red tail catfish, alligator gar, barramundi, common carp, bighead carp, Mekong catfish, marble goby, giant gourami, black ear catfish, Chao Phraya catfish, barramundi, tinfoil barb, pacu, featherbacks

Outside baits: The park permits bait from outside. Live bait, dead bait, meat, bread, rice husks, chicken hearts, liver, boilies. Must be inspected by park staff prior to use.

Food and drinks: available, no outside food or drinks permitted

Other facilities: free Wi-Fi, rooms for rent ฿800 and ฿1,200

Opening hours: 9am – 6pm, Tuesday – Saturday. Open for private bookings Sundays and Mondays.

Telephone: 085 095 5491


Facebook: Freddies Fishing Park

Freddies Fishing Park

Location Map

11 thoughts on “Freddie’s Fishing Park

  1. My friend Tomio and I went to Freddies Fishing Park ( FFP ) today. easy to find. See video on the FFP facebook page or GPS readings.
    We caught a few fish 4 different Species: it was overall slow. That’s why they call it fishing not catching. Park owners John and Saifon are two special people. They make sure you are well taken care of. When you buy a cold drink they offer you ice and a glass. That has not happened at any park i have fished lately. They provide pads so you don’t have to sit on the hard concrete benches. It was a overall great experance at FFP. They have several species of fish stocked in the lake. Approximately 3 rai of water it is a nice mid size lake. . John request you use Barb-less Hooks. There are some restrictions on keeping some fish. Fish can be purchased see John or Saifon for information on purchase. Only fish that you want to purchase should be put in the holding baskets all others should be released immediately. We had a great day at FFP we meet some very nice people. Almost forgot Good Food & Good Prices Will be going back very soon.See more information at—
    Thanks Saifon and John will publish face book page soon

    don meurett

  2. John,
    We had a really enjoyable day at your park. We managed 3 fish- all Tilapia. Fishing alongside your Pekin and Muscovy ducks and grey swan (greylag) geese brought a lovely memory of fishing on farm dam in my youth – which was some time ago!. We had our success with fish after you left – so I assume that the fish are disciplined and waited for the teacher to leave the class before snacking on our bait.

    Compliments to the Chef, our lunch and service was top notch – and if anything we will be back for that MUG of tea!

  3. Please update your info Freddies have increased stock to include Red tails Aligator Gar and at lesst 30 species…costs are 250 bht per rod etc service and facilities are upgraded…..hire equipment has been upgraded…raft fishing available… sign posted from big Wat at Hauy Yai or see F ace book video directions ….

  4. Hi ,
    please update Freddies Fishing Park hire Predator rods 100 BHT hire others 50 BHT and 30 BHT Keep nets, landing nets, landing mats, towel and pliers are included with rod hire. Thilapia 1 kilo price varies now 75 BHT per kilo. Snakeheads and small cats up to 1.5 kilo 100 BHT per Kilo.
    Thank you for your help John and Saifon

  5. Another great day at Freddie’s yesterday around 40 fish 7 species including 3 Amazon Red tails 4 nice Pacu . Thanks John and Sai for a wonderful day see you again real soon.

  6. I think that it’s a rip off if you have to pay an extra 25 baht on top of the 300 bhat for rod hire and all other fishing park’s this is included as well as their web site being out dated for the prices of the rooms.

  7. Hey, this was a great experience, was warmly welcomed from the start, jokes all day and more to the point very helpful owner ( John ) who’s patients for teaching and passion for fishing is the exact reason I’m going back again, and probably every time I go back to Thailand!
    The food was great, atmosphere fantastic and being a lone nervous noob, I was getting help and tips from others fishing who were a great bunch.
    Been watching loads of YouTube videos (FISHERMANS LIFE) and thought I would give it a try and so glad I did.

  8. 27 October 2021
    It has been a long while since I last had the pleasure to fish at your park.
    This Covid thing has screwed up many pleasures of life. Tomio has been unable to come to Thailand for almost two years. As soon as he gets back we will be renewing our friendship with you and your lovely wife. Until then stay healthy and Safe.

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