Castaway Fishing Park

Castaway Fishing Park

This pond has recently been taken over by a foreigner who has spent a lot of time, effort and money on improvements and stock. Each peg is nicely laid out with a comfy chair, large sunshade, small table, cold box, rod rests and unhooking mat. All fishing must be pre-booked as opening hours are restricted.

Location: 12.86883 N, 100.92159 E (see below for map)

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Cost: ฿1,500 – One carp rod, includes 6kg of mixed ground bait and a small loaf of bread.
฿2,000 – One predator rod including bait pack (fish pack and chicken hearts).
฿3,000 – Two carp rods including bait pack, 12kg of mixed ground bait, 2 small loaves of bread.
฿3,500 – One carp rod and one predator rod, including predator bait pack, 6kg of ground bait and small loaf of bread.

Additional bait : small loaf of bread ฿40, ground bait pack ฿200/6kg, chicken hearts ฿50/500g, fish pack ฿100/1kg.

Size: approx 40m x 36m

Guides: yes

Species: arapaima, Siamese carp (maximum known weight 21kg), Mekong giant catfish (40kg), Amazon red tail catfish (12kg), alligator gar (10kg), ripsaw catfish (7kg), catla carp (12kg), Jullien’s golden carp (3kg), mad barb (8kg), Chinese big head carp (13kg), blue masheer (2kg), pacu (8.5kg), giant featherback (4kg), tambaqui (7kg), giant gourami (8.5kg), rohu (4.5kg)

Other species include: barramundi, Asian red tail catfish, Java barb, golden Java barb, Nile tilapia, red tilapia, walking catfish, albino walking catfish, striped catfish, ghost carp, snakehead

Outside baits: permitted but must be checked by Castaway staff before use

Food and drinks: available, no food or drinks may be brought in from outside. A cool box of beer or soft drinks will be provided at the start of your day, you pay for those that have been opened. Thai food and basic Western food available all day with a full restaurant specialising in Thai food from 4.30pm.

Other facilities: restaurant, no frills air conditioned rooms ฿600 a night, hotel pick up and drop off ฿1,000

Opening hours: only open Saturdays and Sundays

Telephone: 080 622 5240 English and Thai


Facebook: Castaway

Castaway Fishing Park
Castaway Fishing Park
Castaway Fishing Park
Castaway Fishing Park

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6 thoughts on “Castaway Fishing Park

  1. Had a great day John is a top bloke we had 7 fish beetween 2 of us 2 17-18 pound Siam carp the rest all doubles boy can they pull!

  2. Hi will be over in late Feb do I need to book in a date or gust turn up thanks to fish cast a way lee

  3. John is a top guy as mentioned above.

    Castaway Fishing Park is the perfect settings for a relaxing day with great fishing.

    I have been fishing most of the famous parks in Bangkok, Pattaya and Ratchaburi and with a visiting family from Denmark (including my 4 years old Nephew and 2 years old Niece). We really wanted to chose a suitable fishing avenue, so everybody would be able to enjoy an exciting day of fishing.

    John CARES about his customers and within 20 mins from arrival, we was seated in a nice shadowed area, had 2 baits in the water and full information on what to do to increase our chances.
    The day was full of action we enjoyed catching: Alligator gar, Siamese Carp, Catla Carp and Red tail catfish.

    Also a big thanks to our guide “Ott” who was there all the time to help and showing us some great tactics to lure the predators to bite.

    Castaway fishing Park has only one goal and that is to provide their customers with exciting fishing and enjoyable time. They did exactly this for us and we will for sure be back again…

    A+++ recommendation from our side.
    Thanks again John.

  4. Just visit this park today. Had a great time staff very helpfull and great catches red tale catfish and arapaima. John and his thai wife are very friendly and also thanks to pom the thai boy who works there overall a super day thank you john and his wife. They spend a lot of money on nice fish and the accomodation

  5. This place is something special. Being a long term Expat I have fished pretty much all of the local fishing parks, but Castaway is amazing!!

    John (bearded Jim) and his wife (YoYo) are also very good hosts and make you feel very welcome.

    I have been back to Castaway Fishing Park every week since it’s been re-opened and you can’t wish for a better day. There are a great range of fish species and they are all in very good condition.

    Thank you Castaway Fishing Park

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