Paifon Fishing Park

Paifon Fishing Park

Paifon is currently the fastest fishing lake in Pattaya. Great if you want to catch a lot of small fish quickly. If you would like to take your catch home, put it in one of the keep nets, if it’s 1kg or less it’s free. Last time I visited they were re-stocking with 700-800kg of tilapia. Catching them it a bit of a black art, try a tilapia mix and throw in some ground bait, also try bread, shrimp, worms or maggots all on a size 3 – 7 hook.

Approximately 1km from Nern Plab Wan along soi 24 you will come to the junction in the picture below, follow the road indicated by the arrow (and keep right) for another 150m to the park. There is now a new sign indicating the way from Nern Plab Wan soi 24. The pond is also accessible from Khao Noi soi 9.

Location: 12.92020 N, 100.92293 E (see below for map)

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Cost: ฿200, includes bait and 1kg of fish to take home. Your choice of bait, breadcrumbs for catfish or earthworms for tilapia. Additional bait ฿50/bucket or ฿30/bag. Bamboo rod hire is ฿40 but does not include the kilo of fish to take away. Tilapia to take home ฿80/kg.

Size: approx 37m x 110m

Guides: no

Species: striped catfish, rohu, pacu, tilapia. Pacu will bite through mono-filament so use a braid hook link.

Food and drinks: available, prohibited from outside, water ฿15/bottle, large Leo beer ฿75

Opening hours: 7am – 10pm

Telephone: 081 159 5591

Paifon Fishing Park latest catch reports


Paifon Fishing Park

Paifon Fishing Park Paifon Fishing Park

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13 thoughts on “Paifon Fishing Park

  1. The price has gone up to 150 baht. I have gone fishing with friends several times. Always a lot of cat fish action. You have to pace yourself. Last time there we fished for talapia it is a bit more relaxing and if you get bored you always can go back for the cats. We enjoy fishing here. Great place friendly people. We had one Thai Man help us out with some instructions how to catch talapia. Over all a great place to fish we will be back soon.

    Thanks for providing your great web site and your help in the past.
    Don M

    1. Thanks for the report Don. I’ll update the website with the new price. I’d be interested to hear any tips on catching tilapia.

      1. John. Talaphia fishing is sort of hit and miss. I have tried the rig you have posted and a couple others no one works better than the other. We have fished close to the bank and further out and caught Talaphia. Worms and bread both work. We have even used bread with worms a worm sandwich all work well. I see fishing with nets on the fishing line. They work ok but i would never use them. It is not fishing to me.. JOHN THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP IN THE PAST. Hope to see you out at Paifon one of these days.
        Don meurett

        1. Hi Don, I think it depends when they last stocked up on tilapia. Sometimes I have not caught any, sometimes I have caught lots. A friend caught several last week so I guess they put some in recently.

  2. spent about 3 hours at Paifon today. Went with two friends our friend from Korea He caught a Carp ( Third on I have seen at Paifon ) They give a lot of action the one today jumped two times reminded me of a Bass back in the USA. He also caught 3 Cat Fish. The other two of us got Nothing. We were fishing for Talapia but no luck. It was a good time even though two of us did not catch anything. It is always a fun time at Paifon. There were several Farangs fishing but it was slow for them also. Anyone know of a place we can fish for Carp. They do not have to be giants. anywhere from 2 to 4 pounds would be great. They seem to be a fun fish to catch and provide a lot of fighting action. Any Suggestions ??
    Once again John thanks for providing a great fishing site.
    Don Meurett

  3. On 15 January 2015 ( Thursday ) 3 friends and myself went to Paifon Fishing Park for a few hours of relaxation and maybe even catch a few fish. There were about twenty people fishing when we arrived at about 09:30. a Friend Diego caught a Tilapia , two Pacu and a Rohu. I have gone to Paifon several times in the past months and only have seen two Pacu caught but yesterday I witnessed at least ten caught while I was there. Several people were also catching a few Tilapia and Cat Fish. Just about the time we were going to depart Paifon a Truck arrived with a load of Tilapia they unloaded hundreds of fish. Looks like the next few days will be great fishing for Tilapia. I was always under the impression the only fish you could take home were Talapia but I was wrong other fishermen were taking there 1 Kg of fish which included Tilapia , Pacu and Rohu. One Lady had hers cleaned and cooked at the food area to take home.. I did not see anyone try to take any catfish home. Another good day fishing at Paifon did I mention I did not catch anything. I guess that’s why they call it fishing not Catching. Had a good time with my friends Still had a good day ( 4 hours ) This is a good time of the year to fish lower temperatures and low humidity. The Rohu and Pacu are good fighting fish that give the fisherman good exercise. As always I want to Thank John for all the great information his page. It has helped me in my quest for a good time. I am looking for a place to fish in the BanChang area but no luck so far. Looking for a fresh water fishing hole close to home. We have a big salt water pond ( Gulf of Thailand ) not 2 hundred yards from my front door but I am not interested in that kind of fishing right now. Also a suggestion Sattahip has a two very nice fishing shops. TK Sports family owned and operated very friendly and helpful people. They have a good selection of Rods , Reels and just about anything else you may need for fresh water and Ocean fishing. Thanks John for all the help you have given me in the past.

    1. I have fished here twice before and both times taken catfish home to a Thai friend of ours, great place to fish, great food, and beer at the ready

  4. Yesterday ( 6 Feb. 2015 ) went to with three friends to our favorite fishing hole. for a couple hours of fishing. When we first got there not many people. But within a hour or so there were at least 25 to 30 people. Reminded me of fishing in Alaska during king salmon season on the Keni River. Shoulder to shoulder. The catch of the day seemed to be Rohu ( Indian Carp. ) saw many of them caught in the time we were there. The Rohu are great fighters and they give you a lot of action jumping out of the water. People were also catching Cat Fish only saw one Talapia caught. I guess most of the Talapia stocked into the pond a couple of weeks ago have been eaten by now. I even caught a Rohu. When I go fishing I go for the companion ship of my friends if a catch anything that is a bonus. You also meet a lot of interesting and nice people when fishing.. Looking forward to our next trip to Paifon maybe next week. Hope to see you all there very soon.. John one of these days I hope to have the chance to meet you and thank you personally for your great web site and the advice you have given me in the past.

    Don Meurett
    Ban Chang, Phala Beach, Rayong.

  5. Mate & myself arrived Pifon early, first guys there, was good fishing, Plah Sawai nearly every cast using scented bread. My friend caught one that must have been 20+Kg, it gave him a great 25 min fight.
    The place started to get busy around 11am. We were casting straight out in front due to other anglers either side of us, I just wished they would have tried to do the same, countless times my line was pulled in by the guys fishing to my right! Don’t think they understood the concept of casting to the 12 “O” clock position.
    The music kicked off at midday.
    Fishing at Pifon was enjoyable until 11am.

  6. When fishing here first time yesterday loved it ,many cat fish and a pacu but big rain stopped play all in all still enjoyed it going again in a few days hope the rain holds off

  7. had a good day fishing I was with my thai wife stepson his girlfriend and there baby of 6 months we caught a lot of catfish I would say between my stepson and myself about 13/14 fish I was the lucky one as I caught 5 really big ones two got away while my stepson caught 8 but not so big and about 3/4 got away the price stated was not right as we were charged 250 bt for rod rental I’m not sure how much the bread bait was and was not given any talaphia to take home the next time we go there I will ask for it but on the whole with the beers and food and soft drinks the bill was 1178. bt not to bad for about for about 4 hours.

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