Beung Ta Kahn Fishing Park

Beung Ta Kahn Fishing Park is a large pond near Rayong about a 60Km drive from Pattaya. It was recommended to me as a good fishing park for large Mekong catfish. The owner claims it contains Mekongs of around 80kg. Although I have never seen a Mekong come out, it fishes very fast for small striped catfish. Worth a visit if you live nearby or are in the area but I wouldn’t make a special trip from Pattaya.

Location: 12.71785 N, 101.31825 E (see below for map)

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Cost: fishing ฿50, bucket of bait ฿50, bread ฿40

Guides: no

Species: striped catfish, silver barb, Mekong giant catfish

Outside baits: not permitted

Food and drinks: available

Opening hours: open 10am – 11pm

Beung Ta Kahn fishing park

Location Map

15 thoughts on “Beung Ta Kahn Fishing Park

  1. A few days ago a friend and I went on a adventure to find Beung Ta Kahn Fishing Park.
    The GPS provided was wrong ( Or maybe it was just me ) We found our self lost. We decided to scout the area we knew it had to be close. We stopped by a small beauty shop the lady was very pleasant and helpful she actually drew a map how to get us there. After driving a little we were lost again so we stopped at 4 or 5 other places to get directions. Some knew were Beung Ta Kahn Fishing Park was others did not. finally a lady was nice enough to tell us to follow her on her motorcycle. we drove about 3 or 4 clicks and we were there. We thanked the lady and gave her 100 baht for her help. She did not want it but my friend insisted She was so grateful. WE would of never of found the fishing park with out her help.. It is behind a Wat the road is more a trail ( Dirt ) than a road. We were pleasantly surprised. The Lake is Large. Very nice well constructed Floating Fishing platform. The People were very friendly we were even asked to share their meal with them. We had to decline we had just eaten a hour or so before. We did not fish but we observed the locals that were fishing. There were about 15 Thais fishing all very pleasant and friendly also we saw several silver cat fish caught the weighed in at 4 to 5+ kilos. Tomorrow ( Monday 23 Feb, ) we are going back to Beung Ta Kahn Fishing Park to see what we can catch. I will make a full report including the GPS position. Types of fish in the lake and what we catch including pictures of the area plus what ever else we can find out about fishing from the locals. The Lake looks like it has great potential. Like I said I will report on the pros and cons. Until then remember a bad fishing is better than most things you can think of. I Thank my friend Dave Galvan with out his Thai language skills we would still be lost some were in Rayong or beyond.

    Don M

    1. Thanks for the report Don. Looking on Google maps my coordinates appear correct for the parking area at Bueng ta Kahn'04.3%22N+101%C2%B019'05.7%22E/@12.7162673,101.3173628,644m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0 I’m wondering if maybe the dirt track which shows as a road on Google maps is not mapped on your GPS? The owner was very friendly when we visited but the fishing platform was in urgent need of some maintenance 🙂 The owner claims there are some big Mekongs in there, please tell us how you get on when you fish it.

  2. Today I went with my friend Tomio fishing at Beung Ta Kahn Fishing Park. We got there before anyone else arrived. Staff very friendly and helpful.Prices were Great.. After a while several Thais arrived and started fishing, I saw many silver cats. The Big ones weighed in at 12+ K , 14+K and 16+ K. Biggest I have seen since I started Fishing here in Thailand. Also 2 small silver Barbs were caught.. I estimate while we were at Beung Ta Kahn Fishing Park. at least 30+ silver cats were caught all at least 3 to 5 K. I caught a couple fish and my friend caught one. I did more observing than fishing. I hope to catch some big cats next trip. Four of the cats weighed over 111 pounds combined that’s a lot of weight for only 4 fish. The fishing park has a great floating dock with seats and tables. best I have seen so far. I took some pictures but do not know how to post them. John if you send me your email address I will send them to you. The over all experience at Beung Ta Kahn Fishing Park was great. I will go back soon. I picked up a couple tips from the thai fisher men. But the fish about the same for silver cats as you all do in Pattaya. Like I said my friend or I did not do to well but we think we will do much better next trip. Beung Ta Kahn Fishing Park is a nice place to go fishing.
    They serve Thai food Have snacks and Cold Drinks all at reasonable prices.
    until next time Happy Fishing I recommend “Beung Ta Kahn Fishing Park” for all who live on the east coast ( Rayong ) If you want to catch Big Silver Catfish it is the place to go. I am Sure there are Bigger Silver Cats just waiting for you all to have a great day fishing and relaxing

  3. Went back to Beung Ta Kahn Fishing Park Rayong yesterday 2/26/2015. Arrived before 9am My friend Tomio were the only ones fishing. Point of interest to anyone who fishes there. The Management is very protective of their fish. They show the type of rig you should use catching the Silver Cat Fish. under the bread cage they want the line attached to the hook to be no more than 6 inches long this prevents the fish from swallowing the hook . They want you to genitally release the fish back into the water. Both policies which I think are good for the fish. When we got set up and ready to fish The silvers were all over next to the dock.At least a hundred of them. I guess they thought we were there to feed them. It reminded me of the cat fish at most temples ( WATS ) looking to get a free meal. My friend Tomio and I caught the largest Silver Catfish we ever caught 10+ K each. There are larger ones in Beung Ta Kahn Fishing Park Rayong. I have seen two 16+ one caught that topped the scale at just under 17 K I have also seen 12+ , 14+ (2) and 16+ K silvers last Monday when we were there. I have a feeling that there are even larger Silvers in this Great fishing Lake. I have been at Beung Ta Kahn Fishing Park a total of 3 times now ( First time just observing what was going on. ) If you want to have the opportunity to catch some monster Silvers this is the place to go to. The fishing fees are very low and so is the Bate prices. Beung Ta Kahn Fishing Park is actually closer to our residences at Phala Beach ( BanChang ) Than Pattaya. John FYI I have come to the conclusion I was wrong about the GPS readings I some how entered them in my GPS wrong in the wrong format. Your readings are correct. I am sorry for the confusion I caused. Will forward you Pictures today. John Thanks for all your work in keeping updated for us. You are providing a great service for us all.
    Don Meurett
    Phala Beach Thailand. ( Ban Chang, Rayong. )

  4. Last Thursday 12 March and Today went with friends to “Beung Ta Kahn Fishing Park” Striped Cats were very active both days we got several in the 6 to 7 K range largest for us was 10.52K. and just under 10 K.My Friend Tomio Landed a Mekong Cat just shy of 11 K. I have been told by a new friend ( Thai. C.G. ) he has landed a 25 K Mekong and he has seen a 35 Makong Cat caught there. The owners of “Beung Ta Kahn Fishing Park Rayong.” are doing their best to make it a outstanding fishing pond for those in the Rayong area. They have a great fishing dock to fish from. If you want a chance to catch Silver Cats up to just shy of 17K I have witnessed 12 , 14 , 15 and 16 K Silvers caught. just under 17 K is the biggest I have witnessed caught. I am sure there are bigger ones there too. I would say average Silver cats are 3 – 5 K. Equipment used range to small spinning reels and small rods described as Sponge Bob kids equipment. To Shamino 8000D bate runners and more expensive Rods. When it comes right down to catching the Silvers it is the hook at the end of the line and the bread bate on it. We are using size 14 hooks that seem to do the job very well smaller hooks tend to break off. The fish are fighters when you hook onto one you are in for a good fight. I recommend “Beung Ta Kahn Fishing Park Rayong” to all who like to fish for silver cats. Makongs are there too. I do not recommend fishing there on the week ends it is very crowded. It On Monday thru Fridays it seems to be the best time to fish at “Beung Ta Kahn Fishing Park Rayong” Hope to see some of You All There one of these days. We have meet some very interesting people while fishing and are looking forward to meeting You also. Please check out for more information about “Beung Ta Kahn Fishing Park Rayong” there is a lot of great information there.If you need any other information about the fine fishing park just e-mail me and I will get you a answer. It is a bit hard to find the first time but well worth the effort.


    1. Thanks for the report Don. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find using the coordinates and a mobile phone with GPS.

  5. hi, having read the reviews regarding this fishery please tell me if the hook sizes stated are the same sizes as we find in the UK because the sizes seem very small when fishing for the size of cat fish which appear to be there. Also i plan on bringing just a rod and reel to thailand when i come – should i bring any of the small terminal tackle with me or is it all easily available in pattaya fishing shops. thanks for your info and help.

    1. Hi Colin, no Thai hook sizes are not the same as UK hook sizes, I will try and post a picture to show the actual size. All the terminal tackle is easily available in any Thai tackle shop listed on the website and probably much cheaper than in the UK.

  6. Catch & Release only. went out there today (8 Aug. 2021) it has been a couple of years or more since my last trip. The Park was closed. Probably because of Covid. Did not get very close but the docks look in good repair. Water has a green tinge to it. When I went home I got my reels out of a box I was storing them in and cleaned them up. I have the bug to go fishing. I wonder are all the parks closed because of Covid restrictions?

  7. 26 October 2021
    Went out scouting to see if the fishing park was still closed. to my dismay it is. Great fishing park hopefully they will open again very soon.
    It has been a couple of years since we fished there. Can not wait until the gates reopen and the catching of those beautiful fish resumes. Damn Covid has robbed us of one of the joys of life. I will be checking and letting you all know the status of one wonderful place to fish.

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