Amazon Giant Fishing Park

Giant fishing park, Pattaya, Thailand

Amazon Giant closed in October 2021

Amazon Giant fishing park is one of only three lakes in the Pattaya area stocking predator species (the others being Wasana and Castaway). The park has just been taken over by a new owner and restocking has begun. The cost of fishing here includes transport from your Pattaya hotel. The park will re-open on 1st March 2018.

Update 1st March 2018. As well as many other fish Amazon Giant have just stocked an 82kg arapaima into the lake.

Location: 12.99908 N, 100.95337 E (see below for map)

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Cost: ฿3,500 includes transport, tackle and some bait. No discount if you have your own fishing tackle.

Guides: help on hand, personal guide ฿1,000

Species: Amazon red tailed catfish, arapaima, stingray, tiger catfish, leopard catfish, pacu, alligator gar, Mekong giant catfish, striped catfish, walking catfish, Siamese carp, barramundi, spotted featherback, snakehead and others.

Food and drinks: available

Opening hours: fishing 8am – 7pm, restaurant 8am – 10pm

Telephone: 092 350 5090 Thai/English, 094 292 4242 Thai


Giant fishing park, Pattaya, Thailand

Location Map

8 thoughts on “Amazon Giant Fishing Park

  1. 3 of us fished there Dec 2015. It was very slow and fish not very big. Turns out the Amazon and this park are owned by same person, he takes the large fish out of here and puts the in Amazon. They don’t give you enough bait to feed up and fish go under platforms. Also ‘snaggy’. Wont be going there next year.

    1. They give me more than enough of bait get only two snags throw the day, if you know how to reel the fish it’s not going were u don’t want;) +20kg fish is not so small mate;)

  2. Bin here today, and it was amazing fishing day, get loots and loots of red tail biggest was 20kg some alligator gar tiger fish barramundi 5kg and lots of other.. No arapaima this time (have seen only small ones rizing,fishing guide doesn’t speak much english but Kind and helpful! rods are quite poor..
    Have paid 3300bt with food and transport. Oweroll definitely worth to go there!

  3. I fished this pond in Sept 2015. Overall it was a great day of fishing. The guide kept us on fish all day. There was never a shortage of bait. I did not snag even one time. I would recommend taking your own rod as the ones they have are kind of worn out. I took a friend who had never fished before. The guide was very patient with him. The biggest fish we caught was over 20 kg.

  4. I fished here 3 times before and had a good day each time guides very helpful good food not had problems with bait also not had really big fish but still value for money

  5. Giant Fishing Park will reopen again on the 1st March 2018 to be renamed as Amazon Giant Fishing Park.
    It will be stocked with all the Predator and native fish it had before and fish from Amazon, we have also added extra Arapaima at 80kg just to add a little more fun to it.
    It has been extensively revamped with full European toilet facilities and a restaurant and alcohol license. Opening hours for fishing are 8am-7pm, restaurant and bar 8am-10pm
    Please come and visit us soon

  6. This place is now soley owned by a Falang Daren and his wife Tai, who had Amazon fishing park and Giant fishing Park, then closed Amazon in March 2018 and moved all the stocked fish to Giant and combined the names to Amazon Giant Fishing Park in Wat Nong Ket Noi, off soi 1, Highway 36.
    The park has been totally refurbished, new toilet and shower facilities, new kitchen, and even has a fully stocked tackle shop on site.
    The price is 3500 baht per day per person which includes collection and drop off to your hotel in the Pattaya area, 1 rod and your first choice of bait.
    with full bar and restaurant facilities.

  7. I went there earlier this year. Caught maybe 12 retails about 15-25kg each. And alot of pace. The arapimas were just going past the jetty and they were massive. Aproximatly 4-6 ft and as round as the bait bucket.

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