Sakuna Fishing Park

Sakuna Fishing Park Bangkok

Sakuna Fishing Park closed permanently in 2017

Sakuna is a sensibly priced fishing park on the outskirts of Bangkok, they have striped catfish and Mekong giant catfish up to about 55kg. Sakuna is a pleasant place to fish with grassy banks and well spaced huts along each side of the lake. Each hut has an intercom so you can order food, beverages and bait without having to get up. They will deliver everything to your hut by bicycle.

The lake contains a lot of hungry striped catfish so if you are after the big Mekongs you will have to battle through lots of sawai to get them. Some of the striped catfish look very sore around the mouth although the Mekongs I have caught appeared to be in very good condition.

The recommended technique is to use a highly scented, very soft/wet mix of rice husks with a slow sinking feeder on a size 15 hook. One of the park staff will be able to make this up for you. I would recommend you use one of the feeders from the park’s tackle shop as they have a lot of surface area to hang on to the soft bait mix.

I would recommend minimum 30lb tackle for Sakuna, there are few obstacles so no need for the really heavy tackle you would use at Bungsamran to muscle the fish away from the pier supports.

Location: 13.59537 N, 100.65638 E (see below for map)

Cost: ฿120 weekdays, I believe it costs more at weekends, rod rental ฿400

Size: approx 90m x 185m

Guides: yes

Species: Mekong giant catfish, striped catfish.

Outside baits: not permitted

Food and drinks: available

Other facilities: The park has a limited selection of line and terminal tackle for sale. Restaurant with extensive menu.


Location Map

3 thoughts on “Sakuna Fishing Park

  1. Not the quiet place it might once have been as houses have just been built one side and the other is currently (September 2014) a huge and very noisy building site. Also seems that the builders and some surrounding houses and sometimes the fisherman themselves play very loud music when they feel like. Hardly the relaxing day fishing one would hope for. Fish not that big either and seen many fishermen lifting fish it with rods and manhandling fish rather than pay for net rental! I’ve been three times and always dead fish which they never remove floating in the margins too. Maybe when the houses are finished some peace will return!

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