Gary’s catch report from Castaway, 12th December

Gary arrived at the lake and fished the full Castaway package of carp rod and predator rod. Starting at 9am he caught consistently through the day netting 8 species and on a couple of occasions was into two fish at the same time needing assistance from the Castaway staff.

Beginning with Amazon red tail catfish and alligator gar in the morning before landing a beautiful lake record giant Siamese carp of 37lb 7oz (pictured below). The fish was caught using a Castaway boillie under a large foam float and ground bait ball. After this a bottle of San Miguel was sunk in celebration and he continued catching pacu, rohu, tilapia and a small Asian red tail catfish. At 4pm his fish dead bait was picked up and a 20 minute battle had begun. The result was another lake record 1.35m arapaima (pictured above). Another San Miguel beer was sunk and a few more fish caught into the evening.

Total catch 8 different species:
10 Amazon red tail catfish between 7lb and 9lb
5 pacu to 6lb
4 alligator gar to 3lb
3 tilapia to 2lb
2 rohu to 3lb
1 Siamese carp 37lb 7oz
1 arapaima 1.35 meters
1 small Asian red tail catfish

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