Jomtien Fishing Park August 10th

A pleasant day at Jomtien fishing park with 12 striped catfish landed the largest weighing in at 16.5kg. Nearly all the fish were were in excellent condition with little redness around their mouths. Some other fishermen landed an even larger striped catfish, probably almost 20kg.

16.5kg striped catfish
16.5kg striped catfish

2 thoughts on “Jomtien Fishing Park August 10th

  1. The infrequent postings on this site begs the question, are the decent fish caught this rarely. I only have one day to fish In Pattaya and I don’t wish to not catch a decent fish or worse blank.

    1. LOL there are no guarantees with fishing, I’ve been to Jomtien Fishing Park probably ten times and never landed less than about 8 or 10 fish.

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