Baetong Fishing Park

Baetong Fishing Park Pattaya

Unfortunately Baetong closed permanently in 2020

Baetong is one of the larger parks and located in central Pattaya it can get quite busy. The fishing here can sometimes be rather slow so take a bottle or two of bait flavouring with you to improve your chances. They claim they have Mekong giant catfish up to 60kg, a friend has seen one of around 40kg pulled out so if you are after them I would use 30+lb line. The fish tend to congregate towards the far bank so casts of around 40m are needed to reach them. A technique which works well here is to thread some bread onto your hook and float it on the surface, the staff often throw bread in for the fish.

Location: 12.94333 N, 100.89806 E (see below for map)

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Cost: fishing and bait set ฿300 (2kg flavoured breadcrumbs & small loaf of sliced bread), rod hire ฿500 (includes fishing fee & bait set). Tilapia to take home ฿80/kilo.

Size: approx 53m x  68m

Guides: yes

Species: striped catfish, Mekong giant catfish allegedly up to 60kg, rohu, tilapia, silver barb, catla carp

Outside baits: not permitted

Food and drinks: food only available after 2pm, must be purchased from the park, small bottle of water ฿30

Other facilities: restaurant

Baetong Fishing Park latest catch reports

Baetong Fishing Park Pattaya Baetong Fishing Park Pattaya Baetong Fishing Park Pattaya

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18 thoughts on “Baetong Fishing Park

  1. haha! I use that technique 2years ago.
    it is good news to know.
    The guide told me that no one use that techniqueback then.
    but if you want use that techniqe, you need long sea road( 5.3,5.4m).
    otherwise, it is hard to cast.

    Ps. They ripped me off I think I payed like around 1500bat

    1. Same with me today,rod hire ฿500 (includes fishing fee & bait set) no way we paid 600 and every time someting break from there fishing rods you have to pay,because they are not capeble to make good knots,and the line is old. Also the ฿120 (2kg flavoured breadcrumbs & small loaf of sliced bread) is not 2kg and cost you 150 baht,and every time you order a bucket more its only the breadcrumbs for 150, the slices of bread you have to pay more, its pure mafia tactics there now.totally rip .

  2. this is one of our favourite fishing parks in pattaya. we were there in September 2015 during the floods and had to evacuate the place as the water had risen a good 4 feet above ground level. we went back at Christmas and the park had been restocked with a lot of 30kg meekongs grass carp and talipia. over 3 weeks we fished it a dozen times or so and always caught plenty. the owner has a new prize policy in place too. if you catch a meekong weighing 5kg you get 500 baht 10kg you get 1000 baht and I caught a 30kg meekong resulting in winning a bottle of whiskey! we always enjoy fishing there

    1. Sad that they have stopped all the promotions. Over the past 12 months have fished twice a week along with many others in our group but alas no more poor sevice and new rules have put damper on our fishing days at Betong

      1. the promotion is back on again, caught fish 7.011 kg, but not good, 11 grams to much, halloooooo, so its easy to make promotion.

  3. I go to this pond 3 to 4 times a week and its the best place to fish and relax.
    The people are Nice and friendly and will help you.
    only problem is the cost of drinks.

  4. Have been fishing at Betong twice a week for the past year along with other friends. We have enjoyed some great days the high light was the promotions as we all enjoyed trying to out-fish each other for them, but sad to say the Thai boss decided to stop all prizes and posted signs stating no food or drink from out side otherwise pay fine, you can’t buy food from park till 2pm also guides now useless since their best guide left (name withheld).
    Plenty of good fishing to be had at other parks.

  5. I went yesterday fishing Betong and the price I payed was,150 bht for breadcrumbs ( not even close to 2 kg), 150 for fishing,100 for big chang,But after all the young guys are very helpfull,Also have food after fishing, very good but also farang prices.

  6. Went there today, pretty easy to catch the small catfish.
    Not so big place, but the guys there are very helpful.

    Quite cheap as well.

  7. This used to be a good pool i always took my own tackle so i knew how to keep it i watched many hirees loose loads of end tackle due to using weak line but now its too dear for a small pool i go to jomtien now more enjoyable

  8. Fished there 3 times and every time my bill woz loaded with drinks that I hadn’t had. I don’t drink when fishing . The final insult is the last time because I had set up 2 rods the same as other times but only fished one rod at a time didn’t use rod the last time .when I. Got bill he said I had to pay for two rods. Got very aggressive when I argued with him . Won’t go back again . Rip of place .

    1. thanks Peter for the heads up i set up 2 rods, fish a ledger rod then got a float rod set up if i fancy a change, just moved to Jomtien from Bangkok i like Freddies fishing park, nothing huge but a great day out

  9. thanks for the tips, definately wont be going there, 1 kilo of crumb is 25 baht in my local shop, sounds a right rip off place

  10. Was told previously that the price of 600b was inclusive of everything by one of the staff the previous day, when I went to enquire. They ended up charging me 170b more for bringing bottled water from outside the premises, even though they were left unopened until I left the place, that was 50b. And I was charged additional 120b for either the bread crumbs bait and/or fee for “hurting the fish”. I have taken photo of the receipt if anyone needs a reference. Nothing was mentioned about these additional charges beforehand.

    Lots of mosquitos start sucking your blood after 6pm when it gets dark, forced me to leave early.

    Took me over an hour to get a bite, almost 3 hours to finally catch a fish. I lost 2 fish due to the staff’s lousy tying of the hook. Hook line snapped as it was not tied properly, twice.

    The fishing rod provided seems to be old, using an old and lightweight unbraided mono line, without any shock leader. I was surprised by this as there is a good chance the line will snap using such an old and lightweight line. If you ever visit, bring your own rod and equipment.

    Overall 4/10 experience, price of 600b is decent, however if you plan to stay the whole day there, be prepared to pay a good amount of extra fees as the bait is expensive. Most fish there are not big but still ok. I just don’t like how they charged me extra without stating it first, not transparent nor honest.

  11. I fished there yesterday.well I should should say tried.first 3 bites line snap after 2 mins fishing.i change rods try again.first bite line snap even feeder came of with even a fight of the fish.i see you Thai guy righting in book after reseting my rod real.same again line step so easy.i pack in after 3 hours.try telling boss it’s old gear and the lines kneed changing in reels.takes no notice.i try explain why ime leaving early because he rods and lines are old and no good.he starts shouting fish 3 hour or full day same price.thinking I was trying to get reduce I was leaving because equipment was crap.2 other guys there catching few.nothing great size but ok.there gear never break once.why because it was there’s not the crap this place provide.sorry right shit hole

  12. As of June 1st 2021 this park no longer exists. It has been bulldozed flat. Guess making room for development or the results of no tourism

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