Supin Fishing Park

Supin Fishing Park Pattaya

Supin Fishing Park closed permanently in November 2017

Supin Fishing Park is located off Khao Talo soi 1/2. Go to the end of the soi, turn right, then take the first left. A small pond but quiet and with friendly staff, usually makes for a very pleasant days fishing.

Update 1st August 2016. Supin have stocked some small Mekong catfish, the ones I saw were around 4kg but put up a great fight against light tackle.

Location: 12.91096 N, 100.90305 E (see below for map)

Cost: fishing ฿150, bucket of breadcrumbs ฿50, small loaf of bread ฿25, rod hire ฿100

Size: approx 25m x  62m

Guides: help on hand

Species: Mekong catfish, striped catfish 2-10kg, rohu up to 2kg, silver barb, walking catfish, silver carp, Siamese carp, mrigal carp.

Outside baits: the park allows you to bring in bait from outside

Food and drinks: available, large Leo beer ฿80

Other facilities: two full size snooker tables

Opening hours: 8am – 9pm

Supin Fishing Park latest catch reports

Supin Fishing Park PattayaSupin Fishing Park Pattaya Supin Fishing Park Pattaya

Location Map

5 thoughts on “Supin Fishing Park

  1. Been fishing this pond 2 to 3 times a week now for a few months nice place to spend a few hours relaxing and cheap at 80 Baht.

  2. Been today steady morning fish started feeding in the afternoon got 9 Plaa sawai and 3 Rohu great venue for 80 Baht….

  3. We fished there a couple weeks ago slow at best. My friend Tomio caught a couple walking catfish. I did not catch anything. Nice relaxing place. Friendly people working there. Now I Know why they call it fishing Not Catching. We will be back I know there are some nice fish in the pond we just have to get more serious next time. If we go any were and do not catch anything that’s ok a hour of fishing beats a hour of working. Don meurett
    Great price 80 baht can not beat that.

  4. Small place that’s pretty hard to find.

    Fishing its OK there, but if you have any gear, bring your own gear, coz it’s pretty low quality of their stuff….

    The people is very helpful and friendly there.

  5. Had a great late afternoon /evening session there, arrived about 1700 and left 1930. Caught 5/6 tilapia, something that looked like a large (2kg) roach (?) and several Mekong catfish, largest upwards of 8kg. Seemed like there were plenty in there. Very friendly staff and a relaxed, unhurried atmosphere.

    Would definitely recommend.

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