Ponmar Fishing Park

Ponmar Fishing Park

Ponmar Fishing Park is located approximately 200m down Nern Plab Wan soi 22, this is the only fishing park that does not do food. A bit of a strange one this park, they want to sell fish, consequently the fishing fee is ฿100 if you buy fish to take home and ฿300 if you do not.

Location: 12.92748 N, 100.92554 E (see below for map)

Cost: ฿100 if you buy fish to take home, ฿300 if you do not buy fish, bait set ฿50, fish to take home ฿80/kilo

Guides: no

Species: striped catfish, Mekong giant catfish, pacu, tilapia and others

Outside baits: not permitted

Food: no

Drinks: available, no drinks may be brought in from outside

Telephone: 081 577 5418, 081 480 1548

Ponmar Fishing Park

Location Map

5 thoughts on “Ponmar Fishing Park

    1. Passed by this morning. Although there was nobody fishing all the signs were still up and the gate was open.

      1. Place has reopened under new (Ferang) management .
        It’s called Wulf’s fishing . No idea what the prices are or what it’s stocked with.

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