Mountain View Fishing Park

Mountain View Fishing Park

Mountain View closed permanently in August 2017

Mountain View fishing park is a few kilometres outside Chonburi near Bang Saen. It’s a pleasant place to relax, very reasonably priced and with many different species of fish to catch. The owner is friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. He is working hard to make this a great fishing park with many improvements and welcomes comments and suggestions.

Location: 13.26867N, 100.95692E (see below for map)

Cost: ฿70 includes a kilo of tilapia or pacu to take home, additional fish to take home ฿70/kg.  Bait, breadcrumbs or earthworms ฿25/bag. The park sells keep nets for ฿50. Rod hire ฿70.

Size: approx 75m x 80m

Guides: no

Species: Mekong giant catfish (max known weight 26kg), striped catfish (7kg), rohu (2.5kg), red bellied pacu (3.5kg), Nile tilapia (2kg), barramundi (10kg), walking catfish (3kg), bighead carp (2.5kg), marbled sand goby (2kg), common carp (plaa pom pui) (7kg), alligator gar (4kg), Amazon red tailed catfish (3kg), tiger shovel nose catfish (3kg), spotted sorubim catfish (3.5kg), mrigal, striped snakehead, silver barb, giant gourami, spotted featherback, arawana.

Food and drinks: available, no food or drinks may be brought in from outside, full Thai menu, “Farang” menu with some English and Indian favourites

Other facilities: big screen projector TV in the seated restaurant area

Opening hours: 9am – 9pm, closed on Mondays

Telephone: English 087 974 0118, Thai 086 614 5199

Facebook: Fishoholics

Mountain View latest catch reports

Location Map

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