Barramundi Fishing Park

Barramundi Fishing Park Pattaya

Barramundi Fishing Park closed permanently in July 2014

Barramundi Fishing Park is located just off Nern Plab Wan soi 28. It has 2 lakes with several species of fish. The picture above is of the front lake, the rear much larger lake is just visible between the buildings. A pleasant and spacious park with friendly staff.

Location: 12.92585 N, 100.93028 E (see below for map)

Cost: ฿300 includes rod & 1 kg bait, no discount if you bring your own tackle.

Size: front lake approx 27m x  60m, rear lake approx 70m x 65m

Guides: help on hand

Species: barramundi, striped catfish, pacu, rohu, walking catfish, snakehead, tilapia,  and others. Pacu will bite through your line so use a braid hook link.

Outside baits: the park allows you to bring in bait from outside

Food and drinks: available, prohibited from outside

Other facilities: bar, pool table

Opening hours: 10am – 10pm

Below: A 5.5 kg Pacu I pulled out of Barra.

Barramundi Fishing Park Pattaya Barramundi Fishing Park Pattaya


Location Map

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