Wilf’s Fishing Retreat

Wilf’s Fishing Retreat closed permanently in December 2018

Wilf’s Fishing Retreat is located approximately 200m down Nern Plab Wan soi 22. Recently taken over by an Englishman, Wilf has stocked many new fish into the park. Rules state only barbless hooks and no treble hooks. Please use the landing nets and unhooking mats provided.

Location: 12.92748 N, 100.92554 E (see below for map)

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Cost: ฿300 includes rod hire and pack of breadcrumbs, a second rod ฿150, kids rod ฿150. Fish to take home, tilapia ฿75/kg, barramundi ฿200/kg.

Guides: help on hand

Species: Siamese carp, striped catfish, walking catfish, pacu, tilapia, rohu, Amazon red tail catfish, barramundi, snakehead, grass carp, common carp, golden carp, bighead carp, koi carp, alligator gar, tiger hybrid catfish, stingray, leopard catfish, tiger catfish

Outside baits: permitted

Food and drinks: Good selection of food & drinks available including cider, no outside food or drinks allowed on premises

Other facilities: children’s play area, free Wi-Fi

Opening hours: 7am – late

Telephone: English 092 338 0258, Thai 094 795 9511

Website: www.wilfsfishingretreat.com

Facebook: wilfsfishingpark

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5 thoughts on “Wilf’s Fishing Retreat

  1. Jan 7th 2017.
    Arrived around 08:00, conditions were overcast, caught x6 catfish by 09:30, all around the same size, 3kg. Used scented bread suspended by a float/feeder about 1ft below the surface.
    Switched to lighter tackle & caught x 4 (Plah Nin) Talapia & x2 Yeesock using the same scented bread mix.
    I tried unsuccessfully to catch the red tail catfish using chicken hearts & liver.
    Fishing park started to get busy around 1pm.
    Overall a good day, will definitely be back.

  2. went there three times,wilf the manager is a great guy at hand,the staff are great do anything to help you have a great day,last time there, at 8,30 until 1,30pm,i got 2 lovely carm around 3 kilo,then a spikey thing on sweet corne,then a 7 kilo giant porana,also wilf himself pulled out a good sting ray,around 8 kilo,so theres every fish possible in this good fishing park,go have a good day out at a very good price,

  3. Sad to say, as from 7th Dec 2018, Wilfs Fishing retreat will be closed, due to landowner not renewing the lease. The lake has been netted & fish sold to other fisheries.
    Hopefully Wilf can find a suitable location & open another fishing venue.

    1. I went to Wilf’s in mid December and was shocked to find the place deserted with trash all over the place. I had been there a few times, with the last time only a few weeks earlier and everything was normal. What a sad end to a very good fishing park. I am happy to hear that the fish were removed to other parks, as they would surely all have been stolen.
      I have lived in the area for many years and have seen more than a dozen fishing parks close down. Very difficult for them to make enough money to develop the business.

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