Ngao Nam

Ngao Nam sunset

Ngao Nam closed permanently in July 2017

Ngao Nam is one of the oldest and most established fishing parks in Bangkok. There are reports on the internet of Mekong giant catfish in excess of 140kg. They lost a lot of fish in the 2011 floods so whether those big fish are still in there nobody knows.

As with Bungsamran heavy tackle is recommended for Ngao Nam. If you are after the big ones I would recommend minimum 40lb tackle.

It would be well worthwhile employing the services of a guide for your first visit as the fish here can be very picky about the bait and presentation. I have not caught many fish at Ngao Nam, I had most success using a float with the feeder set to about 4′ deep although one of the locals near me appeared to do very well fishing on the bottom but using a different bait mix.

The current preferred set up appears to be a large hook with 4 or 5 polystyrene balls on it covered in a small blob of bait. The bait of choice is a squidgy mix of highly scented rice husks. A guide will be able to mix this up for you.

Location: 13.74613 N, 100.37270 E (see below for map)

Cost: fishing ฿150, rod rental ฿300.

Size: 75m x 600m

Guides: yes

Species: Mekong giant catfish, Siamese carp, striped catfish

Food and drinks: available

Other facilities: the park has a limited selection of line and terminal tackle for sale

Opening hours: open 24 hours

Ngao Nam latest catch reports

Ngao Nam

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4 thoughts on “Ngao Nam

  1. Not the easiest or most consistent place to fish but if you persist and choose the right method for the day, experiment until you do or copy someone who is catching then you can pull out some very decent sized fish. My first trip not too many fish but biggest was about 40kg, second trip less fish but largest over 60kg and third trip apart from hook pulling out of another big one, blanked! With real fishing there are no guarantees!

    This is a nice lake and the people running it are very friendly and helpful. Late afternoons is when the fish start to feed unless it’s overcast and cooler than normal and that’s when most locals turn up to fish after sunset. Good luck and I found bottom fishing worked best when I was catching but the free line method also works very well targeting fish near the surface attracted by small balls of bait thrown in first. I guess float fishing would work week at these times too.

    1. Thanks for your comments Stuart. I agree it’s a tough place to fish. You have been lucky with the size of your catches I’ve not seen any big fish come out of Ngao Nam.

      1. I’ve seen quite a few big fish the times I’ve been but seems rather weather and method dependent! Let me know next time you plan to go and perhaps I can assist. I’m usually there on Saturdays but can sometimes do a Friday or weekday. I reckon best to avoid Sundays and early in week as fish full from the weekend baiting.

  2. hello, anymore update on this pond? i will like to visit and give it a try! is the pricing same? anyone can reply me? thanks alot
    I’m from malaysia

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