Chomtung Fishing Park

Chay Bong Fishing Park Pattaya

This park is now under new ownership and is closed for improvements and re-stocking. It will open on December 1st 2015 as Castaway Fishing Park.

To find Chomtung look out for the sign in the picture below, follow the dirt track and take the left fork. A pretty little pond and cheap to fish here but can get noisy if the karaoke strikes up. This is another park where the fishing can be slow, take some bait enhancers with you or try floating some bread on the surface. This park has recently changed ownership so the prices mentioned below may well have changed.

Location: 12.86883 N, 100.92159 E (see below for map)

Cost: ฿30, rod hire ฿70

Size: approx 40m x  36m

Guides: no

Species: striped catfish, pacu, tilapia, tub tim and others

Outside baits: the park allows you to bring in bait from outside

Food and drinks: available

Other facilities: karaoke

Chomtung Chay Bong Fishing Park Pattaya

Location Map

7 thoughts on “Chomtung Fishing Park

  1. The fishing park has changed owners & it now called Chamthoong fishing Park. Opens 10am.
    Myself & a friend Went fishing (Monday 6th April).
    Only caught 2 small fish in total for the day, plah Dook & plah Sawai. We tried different methods using bread with various flavours, was hard going & melting hot.

    My friend ordered 2 Singha beers!
    Small bottles of beer were bought to us, I asked how much, she said 100 baht per bottle, I asked why so expensive for a small bottle, when only yesterday I was drinking the larger bottles of Singha for 100 baht, she said that the big bottles were finished & only small left. I said “surely the smaller bottles should be cheaper”, she said same price. (yeh for Ferang).
    I asked to see the menu, A4 laminated sheet, food on one side & beverages on the other, all English language. Usually menus have Thai script with English below!
    I asked to see a Thai menu. (Not that I read Thai) My plan was to hold the menus side by side & see if there was a price difference. The service girl said ‘don’t have Thai menu”. I said I don’t believe you, because when I was here yesterday, there were no Ferang & the fishing Park was very busy & all Thais.
    We said that we not be buying any more beers from the fishing park. She said “I go speak big boss”.
    Service girl eventually returned to us & said “big boss say small bottle beer 60 baht”.

    We called it a day around 15:30, checked bin, they tried to charge us for the assembled rods we had, which was a few, but we only ever had 3 lines in the water at any one time. After a brief discussion, we were only charged for 3 rods. 70 baht per rod, we had our own rods, tackle & baits.

    Its a nice enough venue, they are needing to put some more fish in, they said they haven’t stocked since they took over.

  2. Two of us fishing yesterday (Friday 8th), 10am until 4pm.
    Total of five fish for the day, plah Dook & plah Sawai.
    Hard going, using various bread mixes & worms.
    Other people also fishing, we only seen one fish being caught by the other
    They are needing to stock more fish.
    Thai food & drink menu this time, unlike our last visit.
    Large bottle of Singha, 100 baht.
    Nice place to spend a few Hrs, would be better if they turned the volume down on the music they play, even better if they didn’t play music. Fishing for me is meant to be relaxing, not being bombarded by loud music.

  3. Chomtung fishing park has new ownership. There has been 7 new swims built and looks lovely with flower beds and refreshing new look. I am planning to stock it with Siamese Carp, Arapaima, Red Tailed catfish, Alligator Gar, Barramundi, etc and lots of thai species to accompany the catla carp, Paccu, swai and rohu already in the lake, there are 27 species in all.

    At the moment the price is 100 baht a day, rod hire 50 baht on the mono and 100 for the braided line outfits. Rohu, Baa Dook, Swai and Tilapia are 60 per kilo to take home, all other species are to be released. the price will alter when the large fish are stocked in the 1,000 baht a day range and 500-600 for thai nationals and ex pats, pricing still not decided on so please come with an open mind.

    1. John, I’m assuming your a Ferang?
      Why the planned price difference for Thai Nationals & Ferang?
      Many Ferangs that enjoy a days fishing are pensioners. Why does everybody assume “Ferang have big money”?
      Do you also plan a double pricing scheme for the food & beverage menu?
      If you implement the double pricing, I hope you will make it clear on your website & on display at the fishing park.

      1. Hi John,
        I will be honest I am still have not set the pricing. I was trying to help ex pats and Thai nationals who would frequently visit, maybe a sxheme that rewards frequent visirors would be better, a four visit get one free type system for instance. After stocking over 200kg of red tails and 7 Siamese carp over 40lb a piece I am leaning towards a one price system with the use of two rods. Either two carp fishing rods or a carp and predator rod. There are another 20 saimese carp in the 5-6kg range, 3 arapiama, 32 alligator gar and 20 blue Masheer. So you can imagine with the lake renovations, buying the leese and other overheads then I will be charging more than some people will be prepared to pay although exact pricing in not yet decided on. Hope this info helps

    1. There are already Mekong catfish in the lake, I have had three fish to 14lb but seen much larger fish surfacing in the 30-40lb range so with the size of the lake I have decided not to stock more mekong and concentrate on the Saimese carp, Catla carp, Julian prize golden carp, Alligator gar and red tailed catfish.

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