Amazon Fishing Park

Amazon Fishing Park Pattaya

Amazon Fishing Park is expensive but maybe worth a visit if you particularly want to catch an arapaima or one of their other less commonly stocked species. If you have your own tackle I would take it as some the park’s own reels operated like they were full of sand.

Location: 12.80602 N, 100.93948 E (see below for map)

Cost: ฿4,500 includes transportation, fishing equipment, bait and a meal. No discount if you have your own transport or fishing tackle.

Guides: yes

Species: arapaima up to 40kg, barramundi, red tailed catfish, pacu, alligator gar, spotted featherback and others

Food and drinks: available

Opening hours: 8am – 8pm

Telephone: 084 528 4041 and 080 101 8338


Amazon Fishing Park Pattaya Amazon Fishing Park Pattaya Amazon Fishing Park Pattaya

Location Map

8 thoughts on “Amazon Fishing Park

  1. Just visited today and not impressed with facility.Very rundown and no feeling of cleanliness.There were two tipsy Russians on an excursion fishing and regularly catching a variety of small fish 5/8 Kgs but no large fish.Appears poor value at 4500Bt per day

  2. Visited this place 2 days ago. It was really good and managed to catch a variety of fish most of them being above 18lb. I also caught my first alligator gar, a 35lb red tail catfish and my first arapaima which are the harder fish to catch. The alligator gar was around 22lb and the arapaima was one of the smaller ones in the lake at around 50-60lb.
    The downside to this place was the toilets because they’re not clean.

  3. one of the most expensive parks but I find myself going back there time after time just due to the variety of species available. fished it at Christmas and had alligator gar to 5kg pacu to 3kg red tail cats to 20kg tiger cats to 10kg and an arapaima of 25kg. lost count of how many fish we had in the end as the rods were nodding away all day. the staff were very helpful as always. the guide asked me what type of fish did I want to catch and sure enough, he put me onto them. we had great fun filling our fish bait buckets with water and letting it sit for a while then pouring the water from the bucket into the water and watching the red tails come up to the surface and taking a hooked bait we were splashing about. great fun! the only down side to the park is the toilets. they are still looking like they need power washed with bleach before you would venture into them!

  4. I fished this lake a few times now. I don’t think it is worth the money (4500b) unless you are looking for arapaima, but they are hard to catch and I have only seen 1 come out of the lake in 3 trips. Loads of small red tail and tiger catfish in the lake and few good sized gar fish. If you are looking to catch big lumps all day then this ain’t the lake to go to. If you are a specimen hunter and you want to tick a few of the rare fish off your list then give it a go.

  5. Amazon fishing Park is soon to close BUT you will be pleased to hear, Giant Fishing Park will reopen again on the 1st March 2018 to be renamed as Amazon Giant Fishing Park.
    It will be stocked with all the Predator and native fish it had before and fish from Amazon, we have also added extra Arapaima at 80kg just to add a little more fun to it.
    It has been extensively revamped with full European toilet facilities and a restaurant and alcohol license. Opening hours for fishing are 8am-7pm, restaurant and bar 8am-10pm
    Please come and visit us soon

  6. I went to Amazon 18/7-18 with my wife, and the current price is 1500 bath for one rod. Now there are also a small lake just next to Amazon with talapia at 300 bath for one rod incl. the first kilo you catch and take home. Amazon currently has redtail, mekong catfish, plah duk, pacu and the carp with salmon head, which I don’t remember what is called. The guide made sure we catched all the species and allowed my wife and me to share the rod and even brought another rod free of charge. The guide told that arapaima and alligator gar will be added soon and they expect the price to be 2500 for “normal” fishing and 3500 when fishing for arapaima. Also, they consider a “family” offer, where you pay 2500 for one person and 3000/3500 total if your wife also want to fish. It will be exciting to see, if they actually follow through with these ideas 😀

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