Giant Fishing Park & Resort

Giant fishing park, Pattaya, Thailand

Giant fishing park is one of only two lakes in the Pattaya area stocking predator species (the other being Amazon). The fishing here is on the expensive side but if you particularly want to catch one of the species they stock it may be worth it for you. Bear in mind the cost includes transport, tackle, all your bait and a meal. Amazon Fishing Park has larger fish than Giant but it’s more expensive to fish at Amazon.

Location: 12.99908 N, 100.95337 E (see below for map)

Cost: ฿2,500 includes transport, tackle, bait and a meal. No discount if you have your own fishing tackle. Transport/meal for people not fishing ฿500.

Guides: yes

Species: Amazon red tailed catfish, arapaima, stingray, tiger catfish, pacu, alligator gar, Mekong giant catfish, striped catfish, walking catfish, spotted featherback and others.

Food and drinks: available

Opening hours: 8am – 8pm

Telephone: 08 8201 7879, 09 2442 4041.

An afternoon at Giant Fishing Park.

Giant fishing park, Pattaya, Thailand

Location Map

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5 thoughts on “Giant Fishing Park & Resort

  1. 3 of us fished there Dec 2015. It was very slow and fish not very big. Turns out the Amazon and this park are owned by same person, he takes the large fish out of here and puts the in Amazon. They don’t give you enough bait to feed up and fish go under platforms. Also ‘snaggy’. Wont be going there next year.

    1. They give me more than enough of bait get only two snags throw the day, if you know how to reel the fish it’s not going were u don’t want;) +20kg fish is not so small mate;)

  2. Bin here today, and it was amazing fishing day, get loots and loots of red tail biggest was 20kg some alligator gar tiger fish barramundi 5kg and lots of other.. No arapaima this time (have seen only small ones rizing,fishing guide doesn’t speak much english but Kind and helpful! rods are quite poor..
    Have paid 3300bt with food and transport. Oweroll definitely worth to go there!

  3. I fished this pond in Sept 2015. Overall it was a great day of fishing. The guide kept us on fish all day. There was never a shortage of bait. I did not snag even one time. I would recommend taking your own rod as the ones they have are kind of worn out. I took a friend who had never fished before. The guide was very patient with him. The biggest fish we caught was over 20 kg.

  4. I fished here 3 times before and had a good day each time guides very helpful good food not had problems with bait also not had really big fish but still value for money

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